Maryland Heritage Bay-built Workboat

Jet Black Inc.


I am Jennifer Black, co-owner of Jet Black, Inc., American business and a Maryland corporation. I am the assistant to Terry Black, Realtor with RE/MAX Allegiance.

As a business owner I have the responsibilities of running a business, including collecting and reading the mail, collecting and disbursing money, and seeing that we are licensed, insured and up to date on everything. As an assistant I have many additional responsibilities.

We are a two person operation working at mixing people with real estate, dollars and technology. One Realtor and one assistant. This setup gives us the ability to perform our work for you in a smooth manner and the capacity to handle several or many clients at a time.

Want to see a house? Often I can make the appointment.

Get a postcard or letter in the mail? Together we designed the postcard which I then created it on the computer and arranged for it to be printed. When it is delivered to us, I mail it to you.

See a promotion of any kind concerning our properties for sale or about us? Together we designed it, then I created it on the computer and arranged for it to become public.

We try to create a steady environment of searching for customers and providing service to our customers.

I work together with Terry to develop and incorporate moves that generate conditions favorable for a real estate transaction to occur.

Need a notary? $5 if you come to me. If I come to you, it is $5 for notarizing plus the cost of travel time.

I keep the office machines in working condition, loaded with paper and ink.

Generally I do whatever is necessary so we don't fall behind while Terry is with you.

All this mixing of paperwork, promotion, office machines, computer programs and organization are the things that I work on every day. When we do it all right everyone is happy and we are successful. This is what we work towards.

Give us a try. We are ready to work for you.

Jennifer Black
Phone: 410.279.4830